indicating the number of: shows, of times photographed, times filmed performances, and times filmed interviews

Photo Gallery
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Loggins and Messina - shows:1
L'Oncle Soul, Ben -
shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1, filmed interview:1
Lone Justice - shows:1
Lorenzana, Jo Anne
- shows:3, photographed:2
Los Amigos Invisibles - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Los Lobos -1, photographed:1
Los Lonely Boys - shows:1, photographed:1
Los Van Van - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Love, Darlene - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Lowe, Nick - shows:1
Lumineers, The - shows:1
Judas Priest - shows:2
Lynyrd Skynryd -2 shows:, photographed:2
Lyrics Born Review w/the Mighty Underdogs -
shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1, interview:2
Magik*Magik Quartet - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Mahal, Taj - shows:1, photographed:1 
Maita, Luisa - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Mandella, Nelson - shows:1, photo: 1
Mann, Amiee - shows:1, photographed:1
Man Overboard - shows:1, photographed:1
Marino, Frank - shows:1, photographed:1
Marley, Damien -shows :1
Marley, Ziggy - shows:2 photographed:1
Marshall Tucker Band - shows:1, photographed:1
Maroon 5 - shows:2
Martin, Steve with the Steep Canyon Rangers -
shows:1, photographed:1, filmed interview:1
Mars, Bruno -shows :1
Masanga - shows:1, photographed:1
Masekela, Hugh - shows:1, photographed:1
Matthews, Dave shows:-8, photographed:7, filmed interview:1
Mayer, John - shows:1, photographed:1
Mazzy Starr - shows:1, photographed:1
McCartney, Paul - shows:6, photographed:2
McDonald, Cathy - shows:1, audio recording:1
McDonald, Michael - shows:1, photographed:1,
McLachlan, Sarah - shows:3, photographed:2, filmed interview:2
McLaughlin, John - shows:1, photographed:1
MC Rai - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Medicine Men, The - shows:2
Mendes, Sergio - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1, filmed interview:1
Metallica - shows:3, photographed:2, filmed interview:1
Mexican Institute of Sound -w/Camillo Lara -
shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1, filmed interview:1
Michel, Emiline - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Miguel - shows:1
Milagro, Carmen - shows:3
Mile High - shows:1
Miller, Bill -shows :1
Miller, Steve - shows:2, photographed:1
Ministry - shows:1, photographed: 1
Mix'd Ingrdnts -1 shows:, photographed:1, filmed:1
Mellencamp, John - shows:3, photographed:2
Midtown Social - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Miller, Bill - shows:1
MJ's Brass Boppers - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Modernaires, The - shows:1
Monáe, Janelle - shows:1 shows:, photographed:1, filmed:1
Money, Eddie - shows:3, photographed:2, filmed: 2
Monophonics - shows:2, photographed:1, filmed:1
Monsters of Folk - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed interiew:1
Moon Hooch - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Montrose, Ronnie including Gamma - shows:4, photographed:3
Morello, Tom -shows :1
Morissette, Alanis - shows:1
Morse, Steve - shows:1, photographed:1
Mother's Finest - shows:1
Mumford & Sons - shows:5, photographed:3, filmed interview:1
Muse - shows:3, photographed:1 need ok to use
Musical Box, The - shows:2, photographed:1
My First Earthquake - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
My Morning Jacket - shows:3, photographed:3, filmed interview:2
Naleo - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1, filmed interview:2
Nation Beat shows:-1, photographed:1, filmed:1, filmed interview:1?
Nelson, Willie - shows:2, photographed:2, filmed interview:1
Neville, Aaron - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1, filmed interview:1
New Ice Age -shows :1
Newsom, Joanna
- shows:1
New Years Day - shows:1, photographed:1
Night Ranger - shows:0, filmed interview:1
Night Riots - shows:1, photographed:1
Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor - shows:1, photographed:1
Nitro, Johnny - shows:1
No Dice - shows: 1
No Logo -shows :1
Non-Stop Bhangra Collective - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
O'Jays, The - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Ocean, Frank -shows :1
OKGO - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Old Crow Medicine Show - shows:1, photographed:1
One Republic - shows:1
One Right Turn - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1 , filmed interview:1
Onward - shows:1, photographed:1
Os Mutantes shows:-1, photographed:1, filmed:1, filmed interview:1
Osborne, Jeffrey shows:-1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Osborne, Joan shows:-1, photographed:1, filmed:1, filmed interview:1
Oswald, Lee Corey - shows:1, photographed:1
Other Ones, The shows:-1, photographed:1
Otis, Shuggie - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1, filmed interview:1
Outlaws, The - shows:1
Ozomatli - shows:2, photographed:2, filmed:2, filmed interview:2-3
Pablo Cruise - 2 shows:, photographed:1, filmed:1
Pacific Mambo Orchestra - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Palin, Michael -
shows:1, photographed:1, photographed and audio interview:1
Parker, Maceo - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1, interview:1
Pearl Jam/Eddie Vedder -
11 shows:2 photographed:8, filmed interview:3
Pellejo Seco - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Petty, Tom - shows:5, photographed:3
Page, Jimmy - shows:1, photographed:1
Phantogram - shows:1
Phillips, Sam - shows:1, photographed:1
Phish - shows:1, photographed:1
Pierce the Veil - shows:1, photographed:1
Pink - shows:1
Pink Floyd - shows:1, photographed:1
Pink Martini - shows:2, photographed:2, filmed:2, filmed interview:1
Pixies, The shows:1
Plant, Robert solo shows:-1, photographed:1
Point Blank - shows:1, photographed:1
Ponty, Jean-Luc - shows:1, photographed:1
Preservation Hall Jazz Band, The -
shows:4, photographed:2, filmed:2, filmed interview:2
Pretenders, The - shows:1
Pure Prarie League - shows:1, photographed:1
PVRIS - shows:1, photographed:1
Qbert -shows :1
Queen - shows:2, photographed:2
Queens of the Stoneage -
shows:1, photographed:1, filmed: interview:1
Radiohead's Thom Yorke - shows:1, photographed:1
Radner, Gilda - shows:1, photographed:1
Raitt, Bonnie - shows:6, photographed:1 with John Lee Hooker
Ravens, The - shows:1
Real Vocal String Quartet - shows:1 shows:, photographed:1, filmed:1
Rebirth Brass Band - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Red Baraat - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Red Hot Chili Peppers - shows:2, photographed:2
Reed, Lou - shows:1
Relatives, The - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
REM - shows:1, photographed:1
Rennaissance - shows:1
REO Speedwagon - shows:1
Richman, Jonathan - shows:1
Rihanna - shows:1
Rimes, Leann - shows:1, photographed:1
Ringo Starr an His All Starr Band - shows:2
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - shows:1
Ritter, Carly - shows:0, filmed interview:1
Robinson, Smokey - shows:1, photographed:1
Roena, Robert - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1?
Rogue Wave - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Rondstadt, Linda - shows:2 (once as a guest performer)
Rolling Stones, The - shows:2
Runaways, The - shows:1
Rupa & the April Fishes - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Russell , Leon - shows:3, photographed:2
2nd Chapter of Acts -shows :1, photographed:1
See Spot Run -shows :1
St. Vincent shows:-1, photographed:1, filmed interiew:1
SambaDa - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
San Francisco Ballet - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
San Franisco Symphony - shows:3, filmed:1
Santana, Carlos - shows:3, photographed:1, filmediInterview:1
Sarazino - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1, filmed interview:1
Scaggs, Boz - shows:1, photographed:1
Schon, Neal solos - hows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
School of Fish - shows:1
Second Chapter of Acts - shows:1, photographed:1
Seeger, Bob - shows:1, photographed:1
Setzer, Brian - shows:2 (not including 2 Stray Cats shows)
Seu Jorge - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Shankar, Anoushka -
shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1 + Breathing Under Water
Sheeran, Ed - shows:1
Sheila E - shows:2, photographed:2, filmed:2
Shimabukura, Jake - shows:1, photographed:1?
Side A - shows:1
Sila and the Afrofunk Experience -1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Simms, Juiet - shows:1, photographed:1
Si*Se - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Simms, Juliet - shows:1, photographed:1
Silversun Pickups - shows:1
Sister Boom Boom - shows:1, photographed:1
Ska Cubano - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1, filmed interview:1
Smith, Patti - shows:1
Sol Development - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1, interview:1
Sonic Youth - shows:2, photographed:1
Sons of Champlain - shows:1
Soundgarden - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed: interview1:
Smashing Pumpkins - shows:2, photographed:1, interview:1
SMOD - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Sobule, Jill - shows:1, photographed:1
Spanish Harlem Orchestra - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Spektor, Regina - shows:1, photographed:1
Springfield, Rick - shows:1, photographed:1
Spirit - shows:1
Spoon - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed interview:1
Springsteen, Bruce - shows:35, photographed:13
Staples, Mavis - shows:3, photographed:2, intervied:2
Starcastle - shows:1, photographed:1
Steve Miller Band - shows:1, photographed:1
Steve One and the Shades -shows :1
Stewart, Rod -
shows:1, photographed, Steven - shows:1, photographed:1
Sting - shows :2
Stone, Allen
- shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1, filmed interview:1
Stone Foxes, The -
shows:2, photographed:2, filmed:2, filmed interview:2?
Stoneground - shows:2
Stray Cats - shows:2
Stu Blank and His Nasty Habits - shows:2
Studabaker Hawk - shows :2
Styx - shows:1
Sugar Pie De Santo - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1 , filmed interview: shows: shows:1
Surface - shows:- shows:1
Sweet Honey in the Rock - shows:1, photographed:1
Swift, Taylor - shows:1
Taha, Rachid - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1, filmed interview:1
Taylor, James - shows:1, photographed:1
Taylor, Otis - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1, filmed interview:1
Tegan and Sarah - shows:3, photographed:3
Tenacious D - shows:1, photographed:1
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Thin Lizzy - shows:1, photographed:1
30 Seconds to Mars - shows:2, photographed:1
Thoroughgood, George - shows:1, photographed:1?
Thorn, Paul - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1, filmed interview:1
Timberlake, Justin - shows:1
Timbuk 3
- shows:1
Todd Sickafoose's Tiny Resistors - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Toots and the Maytals - shows:1
Tosh, Peter - shows:1
Totó La Mompasina Y Sus Tambores -
shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1 , filmed interview:2
Toussaint, Allen -
shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1, filmed interview:1
Townshend, Pete solo - shows:4, photographed:1
Translator - shows:1, photographed:1
Treat Her Right - shows:1
Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue -
shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Trower, Robin - shows:1
True Faith - shows:1
Tubes, The - shows:3, photographed:2
Turner, Tina - shows:1, photographed:1
Tuttle, Molly - shows:1, photographed:1
20/20 - shows:1, photographed:1
U2 - shows: shows:6, photographed:1
Underwood, Carrie - shows:1
Usher - shows:1
Van Halen - shows:2
Vaughn, Stevie Ray - shows:1
Veviter -1 shows:, photographed:1, filmed:1
Vieux Farka Touré -1 shows:, photographed:1, filmed:1
Voices of Latin Rock -1, photographed:1, filmed:1, filmed interview:1
Vista Kicks - shows:1, photographed:1
Waits, Tom - shows:2, photographed:2
Walden, Narada Michael - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1
Wallflowers, The - shows:1
Ward, M. solo - shows:1, photographed:1, filmed:1, filmed interview
Waterboys, The - shows:1
Waters, Roger - shows:1, photographed: 1, filmed interview:1
Welch, Gillian - shows:1, photographed: 1
White, Jack - shows:3, photographed: 1, filmed interview:1
Who, The - shows:12, photographed:6
Wilco - shows:2, photographed:2, filmed interview:1
Wil.I.Am -shows :1
Williams, Lucinda - shows:2, photographed:2
Williams, Robin - shows:2, photographed:1
Wilson, Brian - shows:2, photographed:2
Wiz Khalifa - shows:1
Wonder Years, The - shows:1, photographed:1
Y&T - shows:3, photographed:2, audio recording:1
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The - shows:1
Yes - shows:1
Young, Neil - shows:30, photographed:17, filmed interviews:6?
Young, Pegi -2 shows:, photographed:2, filmed interviews:9?
Young Dubliners, The - shows:1
Youssou N'Dour - shows:1
Yuna - shows:1, photographed: 1, filmed: 1, filmed interview:1
Zombies, The -1 shows:, photographed: 1, filmed interview:1